Eyvonne Sharp

Real faith in a hard world.

Three Simple Truths that Will Revolutionize Your Prayer Life


George Müller’s prayers supplied the needs of more than 10,000 orphans throughout his life. Learn the three simple truths he relied on that will revolutionize your prayer life.

When you struggle to find joy


The challenges we fear most often lead to our healing. In the last year I’ve walked through deep valleys, a few of them my own and others with friends and family. Dark times come without warning and leave us groping in pitch black. We lose our way. We cannot see in front or behind. Joy evaporates and happy memories seem to be a wishful mirage.

The Everywhere God — A Review


Imagine a grandfather overcome with delight in his sparkly-eyed granddaughter. He feels her warmth as she climbs onto his lap and longs for her to understand how much he loves her. But even more, he wants her to know the God of all love and comfort who will draw near to her even when he cannot.

When you’re not where you thought you’d be

Photo Credit Fredrik Bølstad.  Creative Commons.

Life’s lessons often come in themes that can be summarized by a single word. There have been times of surrender, of prayer, of sacrifice, of glory. But lately, a new word permeates my days.