Eyvonne Sharp

Real faith in a hard world.

How to See God at Work: Your Coworkers and the Glory of God

We all have people in our lives that see the world differently than we do. They may be co-workers, family members, or neighbors. Our first instinct is to build walls, avoid conversations, and to pull back. How do we alter our perspective to see God’s glory in everyone and turn everyday moments into meaningful worship?

8 Heart Attitudes that Discredit Jesus and How to Overcome Them


We have a picture in our minds of what it is to be a nice Christian lady. Yet, this picture often aligns more with the New Testament Pharisees than Jesus’ disciples. Do you recognize any of these heart attitudes that discredit Jesus?

One simple way to encourage your pastor

Life in a pastor’s family is a mystery to most church-goers. They see only snippets of their pastor’s life — Sunday morning sermons, hospital visits, Sunday lunch, business meetings. The every day experiences of a pastor and his family far outreach the view of most congregants.

Finding your purpose when life is too much

We often believe family, financial, or physical limitations prevent us from serving God to our fullest. We succumb to pressure to do more. We strive to “fix” our lives or we give up on being useful to God because difficulties. However, our circumstances are no surprise to God. We can always find ways to glorify God and love others, regardless of life’s challenges.