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8 Heart Attitudes that Discredit Jesus and How to Overcome Them

We have a picture in our minds of what it is to be a nice Christian lady. Yet, this picture often aligns more with the New Testament Pharisees than Jesus’ disciples.


Do you recognize any of these heart attitudes that discredit Jesus?

  1. Our preconceived notions of “nice” and “good” drive our behavior far more than Jesus’ example.
  2. Opinions of friends ring so loudly in our ears we cannot hear the voice of God.
  3. We cannot minister to the truly broken because we fear guilt by association.
  4. Our behavior is driven more by what other people think than what the Bible says.
  5. We are more concerned with maintaining our schedule than loving our neighbor.
  6. We believe safety is a biblical value — as if the Apostle Paul taught new believers to protect their lives over the proclamation of the gospel.
  7. We expect those who have had an authentic experience with Jesus to look, talk, and act like us.
  8. Our desire to be heard outpaces our willingness to listen and understand.

How do we overcome these attitudes?

First, we must read our Bibles. We cannot know God’s character, understand Jesus’ ministry, or grasp His grace without intimate study of God’s Word. Our study must go beyond daily devotions in which we read a couple of verses followed by an uplifting story. We must take in the whole of Scripture, from Genesis to Revelation, and allow it to speak into our lives.

We must pray for our eyes to be opened. As we examine Scripture, we must ask God to make himself known. We must plead for soft hearts, willing to hear God’s reproof.

We must examine our own motives. When we sincerely read scripture, our attitudes and actions will be confronted. When we discover inconsistencies between our lives and God’s character, we must deal honestly with ourselves. We must look beyond our behavior (the shoulds and shouldn’ts of Scripture) to grasp the motives that drive our attitudes. We must be willing to allow God to uproot the ugly parts of our lives.

We must remember grace. As God reveals the ugliness in our hearts, we must rest in Jesus. Because he has covered our wrongs with his perfect life and sacrificial death, we can fearlessly confront our wrongdoing. If God is for us, who can be against us? At the same time, because of the great grace we have received, we are free to extend that grace to others — knowing it’s God’s gift not our righteousness that makes us clean.

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