Eyvonne Sharp

Real faith in a hard world.

Paris, Peace, Racism, and the Way Forward

We’re driving across the country when I hear the news. Paris, again. My mind is already swirling because someone very dear to me is in a place where people cannot talk of their faith with another person, where you can lose your home for having a Bible study, where God moves through His Spirit with […]

Finding your purpose when life is too much

We often believe family, financial, or physical limitations prevent us from serving God to our fullest. We succumb to pressure to do more. We strive to “fix” our lives or we give up on being useful to God because difficulties. However, our circumstances are no surprise to God. We can always find ways to glorify God and love others, regardless of life’s challenges.

4 Questions When You Want to Know What God Wants You to Do

My youngest daughter was baptized recently. As we talked about her upcoming baptism, she asked a simple yet profound question, “How do I know what God wants me to do?” Read the four introspective questions that emerged from that conversation which will help us all discover our gifts.

9 Reasons Why “Do More Better” will Help You in the New Year

We all long for meaningful lives. We want to end each day with a sense of accomplishment. Yet for many of us, days are harried. We rush out of the house to commute to work or we wake to tend small children. Our lives are full. But instead of experiencing overflowing fullness, the weight of life threatens to crush us under a mountain of unmet expectations. Learn how Tim Challies’ book, Do More Better, can help you find peace, order, and joy in the new year.