Eyvonne Sharp

Real faith in a hard world.

Finding grace during the wait

These days, inner change has been difficult. While the physical changes I’ve undergone have been plain for all to see, inwardly I feel as though change has ground to a halt. My soul is fed not only by worship, prayer, and service but also by study. Yet, my mind has not been as sharp. My […]

Unexpected change and longing

“You don’t seem excited about it yet. I’m sure you will be soon.” I’ve heard this comment from more than one person regarding the impending birth of our son. Every time I’m puzzled, wondering what they’re expecting to see. Unlike our other three pregnancies, this one has been a surprise. Our lives were moving along […]

Reflections on holding them closely and loosely

Christmas has drawn to a close and we are picking up toys and throwing away wrappers and finding a home for new gifts. This season has left me full of gratitude. Over the past few weeks we have been the recipients of great generosity. In turn, we have been able to share with our family, […]

Weddings, wheezing, and the unexpected

I heard it not long after we arrived on Friday, a soft rasp in her chest that was more vibration than sound. I held our grinning toddler near my mom, “Do you think she needs a treatment?” We were three hours from home, visiting for a wedding. I lugged the blue zippered bag out of […]