Eyvonne Sharp

Real faith in a hard world.

What to think about faith

The intellectual pursuit of God is out of vogue. Many have expressed that the study of great doctrines makes our view of God and our world smaller. I, however, have found exactly the opposite. When I read the works of some of the most thoughtful pastors and theologians of our day, I’m not taken with […]

Stop trying to please God

She says it over a cup of coffee in a long conversation about life, love, and faith. “I just want to make choices that please God.” I feel a hesitation deep within and I want to tell her no, to explain the path she’s taking doesn’t lead where she really wants to go. But in […]

#JournalThoughts: On being good

Our temptation is to convince ourselves that we are great, gifted and all-around good folks. But the more we see of God the less we can affirm our own greatness. If we have any confidence, it is in Christ who is in us. He has substituted himself in my place, met me in my sin […]

When you question your purpose

Longtime Christians have a tendancy to say words and repeat phrases without considering the depth of their meaning. We sing hymns, read scripture, perform liturgy, and say prayers. The words are like a warm pot of soup on a cold day. They provide comfort, guidence, rest, and peace. But sometimes, the comfort they provide is […]