Eyvonne Sharp

Real faith in a hard world.

How to be a better person

How could I have known what this friendship would become? You and me, dropping our girls off at preschool all those years ago. I didn’t know you at all, not even your name. It was months before we spoke and only then because our girls wanted to play. They played. We talked.


I seek solitude. Time to be alone with my thoughts. Time to think, to slow down, to see more of life than the physical. Our physical bodies get in the way. Aren’t we more than joints and flesh and marrow and bone? Surely there is more to us than can be touched and seen. We […]

Memories of a Mother

I know you wonder if you did enough. We talked about it in the strawberry patch just the other day. I told you about the crazy things in my head and I saw you wondering. Did you really do enough…. This mothering thing is hard. We make thousands of decisions every day. Some of them […]

Do you ever do anything bad?

The question comes as I’m standing in a cubicle with co-workers discussing horror films.  I say I don’t like movies designed to spark fear and celebrate gore.  “I just don’t want that stuff in my head.  There’s enough bad in there already.” He looks me square in the eye and asks, “Do you ever do […]