Eyvonne Sharp

Real faith in a hard world.

The Family Business

I watch the video and feel left out.  My parents talk about their work and then look at each other with eyes that reflect knowing, togetherness, and years of co-labor.  They’ve built something, the two of them.  They’ve built a business, horse barns, and fence but it’s more than that.  They’ve built a community.  They […]

For days that seem purposeless

I back the old gold Maxima into my spot in the parking garage. I try to overlook the crumbles of french fries in the floorboard and the single tennis shoe in the back seat. Another day. More meetings, problems, processes, tasks. What’s the purpose? I open the car door and my heel hits the concrete and my thoughts shift. Words come; words that are as much a part of me as the names of my children. “In the beginning was the Word.”