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The anchor of our days

The road stretches out before me like a grand black ribbon twisting along the path. Our recent move has increased my commute nearly four fold, from twenty minutes to an hour and fifteen minutes. I’m trying to make the most of the time.

It’s the middle of October and the trees are all aflame. Red, gold, orange, and amber burst forth at every turn. Over each rise, I’m tempted to stop and forever record the panoramic beauty.

As I round a curve, a tall slim evergreen stands with unyielding stubbornness in the midst of autumn majesty. The orange leaves dance mockingly next to their neighbor.

In a few short weeks however, the jesting oak will have lost its autumn coat. In a single month she will stand naked next to the fastidious pine. For half a year, the only forest-color will be a deep proud green.

I see my life in the changing seasons. Some days are new and fresh like pastel pink buds on a cherry tree. Other days feel empty and barren like a snow-less winter morning. Yet through it all there is an unchanging foundation. Just as the relentless evergreen stands firm through the seasons, so is God the anchor of our days.

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  • So beautiful. Sometimes the changes are hard for me, but I love what you say here about His anchoring because sometimes that’s all I’m able to pray for – for His foundation to keep me. Thank you :)

  • Holly

    Oh friend, I hear you. Our hearts are beating in tandem these days. Seeing glory all around, praise on our lips, awareness of its impermanence and the need to hold on tight…. I hear you, yes I do.

    • There was a good rain last night and the colors were even more brilliant this morning. I’m so enjoying this season. I’m glad we’re sharing it together even though there are miles between us.

  • Elizabeth

    My heart hurts a bit for the longer commute, but you friend will make the most of it, you will fill the time well, invest in the good, think, pray, sing. Travel mercies on your journey. You capture this changing season so beautifully. Beauty all around, from one season to another. Soaking in the wonder of the now with you. The glorious radiant now.

    • Enjoying the beauty and worship of now is all we get. I’m learning to rest in that.

  • A beautiful tribute to the Unmoved Mover.
    I find myself often comforted by His “new every morning” and “like the wind” qualities, but . . . well, every season’s different, right? :)
    Your words carry a deeply meditative flavor, friend.

  • Emily Wierenga

    i see God so clearly in fall, too, friend. he is such an amazing artist. bless you girl.